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    Eric Edwards Avatar

    5 star rating   Friendly, professional staff and the best prices around. The results from the TriMix were nothing short of AMAZING!! Very highly recommended.

    Eric Edwards 11/02/2017
    Daniel O. Avatar

    5 star rating   Excellent Doctor and Staff. This is a new type of medical care which is gaining in effectiveness and acceptance by the rest of the health professions.
    Dr. Dan

    Daniel O. 1/20/2016
    Sam R. Avatar

    5 star rating   Excellent service from the Doctor's front desk, the Doctors, and fulfillment.

    Sam R. 3/14/2018
    Anthony Avatar

    5 star rating   I've been a patient of Low T 99 since they opened and absolutely love the results and how I feel. I spent many months researching and interviewing different men's clinics in the area and online. All I found was over priced clinics that didn't offer a balance approach to hormone therapy/management. Low T's evaluation process, comprehensive quarterly monitoring, and balanced programs, are easy to use, convenient, and a great value. The monthly home delivery is also a bonus. What I like best about their program is how they monitor not only my T levels, but many other aspects of your health which are addressed in your program. The results are great, I have 12% body fat, fantastic energy and workouts, and muscles I haven't seen since I was 20 something, I like their program so much, I put my brother on the program two years ago and he feels great. Best investment I've ever made in myself.

    Anthony 11/07/2017
    Ian A Anderson Avatar

    5 star rating   This is the best! Friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff. Don't go anywhere else!!

    Ian A Anderson 1/10/2018
    Luka Fominov Avatar

    5 star rating   Great team to work with! Dr. Ryan was short of amazing and was extremely attentive to all of my concerns. Bo and Ahmed deserve a round of applause as well: they were not only accommodating, but easy to talk to and set everything up quick and hassle free! The price is right, service is impeccable and the results have been amazing! Thanks for helping me out!

    Luka Fominov 4/06/2018
    Paul Weeks Avatar

    5 star rating   The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very thankful that I found them. They have really changed my life and outlook on my intimacy Factor it's win-win

    Paul Weeks 11/03/2017
    Andy T. Avatar

    5 star rating   Another men's clinic in Bellevue was much more expensive (although they did accept insurance) and required that the Dr give the weekly Testosterone injections but the Dr eventually refused when he wasn't comfortable with my lab results offering me no other alternatives, but to find somewhere else. I found Low T 99. The owner Bo, who is often there and answering the phone, has been very helpful and friendly. Kirsten, the office manager, is always "on the ball" with reminders when blood work is due and making appointments work. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed yet but he was polite and helpful on the phone in obtaining my lab results. Dr. Natasha Ryan ND is extremely knowledgeable and willing to talk to you on the phone or in person. Dr Ryan has carefully monitored all of my blood values every few months and appropriately discontinued the HCG then switched me from the Testosterone injections (which I received by Fed Ex monthly) to an oral medication (which is supposed to raise T naturally...we'll see!) when my PSA became abnormally high. As a R.N. in private practice with clinics in Monroe and Seattle, I feel that I am receiving excellent care with the staff at Low T 99 and have referred friends and colleagues there.

    Andy T. 12/20/2017
    Nick Fedan Avatar

    5 star rating   Low T99 is great. They specialize not only in Testosterone treatment, but also in various alternatives modalities in ED. Most MDs, including urologists, have to cover far more ground so are more fragmented and not as up-to-date. In addition, by virtue of the large numbers of patients they treat, Low T 99 has the ability to keep the pulse on the normal individual variation of these treatments.

    Nick Fedan 5/18/2018
    Charles aka. carlos Ramos Avatar

    5 star rating   Great experience. I was skeptical at first but low t 99 turned out to be exactly what I needed and more. Their absolutely wonderful.

    Charles aka. carlos Ramos 11/28/2017
    Rodger Warner Avatar

    5 star rating   Every person l spoke with and interacted with were knowledge and honest and very polite.
    They are also very organized. If you're interested in this type of therapy, they are
    very good at it, because they have been
    doing in for a long time, and they specialize in it.

    Rodger Warner 1/18/2018
    Rob Chatham Avatar

    5 star rating   Good Customer service. Small enough Company to know the patients. Very fair pricing.

    Rob Chatham 4/10/2018
    Mark M. Avatar

    5 star rating   The doctors and staff at Low T 99 do an exceptional job of listening to their clients wants and needs and comparing that to the data from their lab results to come up with a personalized plan for hormone replacement.  I have recommended them to several of my friends.

    Mark M. 12/29/2017
    Russ B. Avatar

    5 star rating   Everyone in the office was very polite, professional and helpful.  Dr. Disharoon is very informed, patient and reassuring.  The whole visit was excellent and I would recommend her to other people.

    Russ B. 5/27/2016
    Gerald M. Avatar

    5 star rating   I've been to one other clinic like it in the Bellevue, WA area who gave me such a horrible taste that I thought all hormone clinics were scams. Bo and the doctors are so kind and committed to ACTUALLY treating you, not to mention their prices are well below the average market price. I recommend everyone give them a chance. Thanks guys!

    Gerald M. 11/07/2017
    steve rockett Avatar

    5 star rating   Started in June of this year. Lost 15 lbs in first 6 weeks. Have now lost a total of 28 lbs, quit drinking and smoking started eating right and go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Feel great and everything is working.

    steve rockett 11/22/2017
    Robert J. Avatar

    5 star rating   Low T 99 is amazing.  Beau is incredible helpful and available.  Ahmad also.

    The local doctor I visit in my region was also very knowledgeable and nice to interact with.  

    TriMix is the most amazing solution for ED - Far superior to Viagra and related medications!

    Robert J. 12/15/2017
    Ian A. Avatar

    5 star rating   I started at the Seattle clinic.  Very conventient.  Then it closed and it was very inconvenient to make if over to Bellevue.  But the office staff make it all worth while.  I'm now having the medication FedEx.  Miss not seeing the staff but it great to talk to them over the phone.

    Ian A. 11/21/2017
    Jerry Matson Avatar

    5 star rating   No other testosterone clinic offers quality Testosterone Therapy with high-grade compounded drugs at the same great price, as LowT99! They even offer a great B-12 program for energy and one of their licensed physicians will consult you on the various treatments they offer, even such sensitive issues, like erectile dysfunction. Some friends & I visited their Bellevue clinic, but they have locations in Seattle, Tacoma & several more in Portland, the Bay area & Arizona. Thanks LowT99!

    Jerry Matson 5/01/2018
    Jerry Craft Productions Avatar

    5 star rating   Great follow through, product arrives on time, blood work is easy, and the results are amazing. I feel better than I have in years.

    Jerry Craft Productions 2/06/2018